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Ariel Posen New LP


Ariel Posen HEADWAY. MFM

he comes across like a laidback Springsteen, building an anthemic groove.”  - Rolling Stone

Ariel Posen is guitar’s man for all seasons – he’s got the songs and the voice but he’s also a stellar slide guitarist with a gutsy, expressively melodic style” — Guitarist Magazine UK

‘Heart By Heart’, the opening track from the new LP, is written “from the perspective of yourself but talking to someone special to you, who may be having a hard time with their life,” says Posen. “Whether just a friend or a partner, the idea of the song is just constantly reminding the person that they can trust you, and I’ll be here when you’re ready, but there is no rush. The idea of knowing somebody’s heart, by heart is to say that you completely and utterly understand them.”

‘Now I See’, the closing track on the new LP, was inspired by “My personal growth over time but more specifically by a friend that had once told me that ‘now they could see’ that everything was left behind them,” says Polsen. “They were struggling with some relationships and some severe personal issues and it took time, but they finally found acceptance in themselves and were able to move past it. Just because they weren’t the type of person that they thought they would be, and just because someone isn’t perfect doesn’t mean they don’t belong. Sometimes the smallest realizations and changes lead to gigantic breakthroughs and in the theme of the album, makes significant HEADWAY.”



‘Heart By Heart’ is a slow-burning R&B ballad with a country tinge with lively choruses and a strong melody. Great guitar and a loose, easy voice complete a wonderful opening gambit. Lyrically, it is also impressive and sincere: “I hate to see you cry, you’re burning/And it feels, feels like you’re/keeping the wolves from the door/You, you’ve got no way out, you’re empty/You can’t see the writing on the wall.” ‘Coming Back’ lifts the tempo stakes with a strongly melodic, rhythmic backdrop. It opens in glacial pace but gradually opens out with well-judged multi-layered vocals and powerful guitar passages as he declares, “I just can’t help it/I just can’t quit you/Got me addicted.” So far, so very good.

‘Carry Me Home’ opens with splendid slide guitar moments before that quietly expressive vocal enters and drives the song home on the back of a beautiful melody and highly emotional vibe. This song could so easily be included on mainstream radio playlists if only…’Nobody Else’ is a gently swaying ballad that features one of the most expressive and moving vocals on the record. The guitar is superbly judged and sounds like a second, supporting voice that adds heaps of drama. Lyrically, it’s another example of how good this guy is: “Yeah we had big plans/I let it slip through my hands/And I know I jumped the gun/I skipped out on what we should have done.”

‘Did You See It Coming’ adds a rockier dimension to the record with its assertive bass rhythm and faster pace. The guitar sings a magical sound, as it does throughout this great record, while Posen’s melodic sense is again on show and even stronger on this little beauty. ‘What Are We Doing Here’ slows the pace dramatically and exhibits a strong pop sensibility resulting in a song that reminds of some of the Beatles finer moments. ‘Big Picture’ opens with a voice of top clarity which is then joined by equally clear instrumentals. What is clear so far is that excellent songs and performances are communicated via excellent production standards making this record a wonderful listening experience that gives equal weight to guitar and vocals.

Delicate finger-picked guitar opens ‘It’s You’ and is matched by an equally fragile, expressive and sincere vocal. It’s another highly accessible and folky beauty. Whichever way you turn on this record you will find well-crafted, personal songs that will not fail to move you. But there’s also sonic diversity as in the slow, funky vibe of ‘I’m Gone’ or the acoustic magic of  ‘Sometimes You Lie’ that reminds of one of my heroes Jeff Buckley. ‘Now I See’ closes the record with a stupendous Beatles-style guitar riff and a pop-rock style that should see it winging its way on the radio airwaves, given the chance.  This is a record that shouts mass appeal but in an intelligent, adult, moving way. Posen has a wonderful voice matched by top-drawer guitar-playing ability. This is some record and sure to make our best-of-year!!!




Ariel Posen’s music occupies the space between genres. It’s a rootsy sound that nods to his influences — heartland rock & roll, electrified Americana, blue-eyed soul, R&B, Beatles-inspired pop — while still moving forward, pushing Posen into territory that’s uniquely his own. He turns a new corner with Headway, a solo album that finds the songwriter taking stock of his personal and musical progress.

Posen began recording Headway in December 2019, one week after wrapping up an international tour in support of his acclaimed debut, How Long. He’d been on the road for a year and a half, playing shows across the U.K., Europe, America, and his native Canada. Along the way, Posen had received standing ovations not only from his audiences, but also from outlets like Rolling Stone, who dubbed him “a modern-day guitar hero,” Music Radar listing him as a fan voted top 10 rock guitarist of the year and the Western Canadian Music Awards who nominated him for Breakout Artist of the Year.”

Coming back home to Winnipeg, he began sifting through the new songs he’d written between tour dates. Many of them had already been tested on the road, their arrangements whittled into shape by a group of road warriors at the top of their game. Practically all of them were about the process of evolution — of making progress in life, love, and all points in between. Those themes were reflected in the music itself, which presented a crisper, clearer picture of Posen as a songwriter. If How Long had been his introduction to the roots-music world, then Headway was something  different: a sharply-defined snapshot of a musician who has truly crystallised his sound.

First single ‘What Are We Doing Here’ has been climbing up the CBC Music Chart and like the album title suggests, Headway is all about growth. Already celebrated as a frontman, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Ariel Posen hits a new high-water mark with his second album — an album that prioritizes song-writing above all else, showcasing the progress of a lifelong musician who’s still in the middle of an upward trajectory.


I couldn’t believe it when I heard Ariel’s record. I knew he was a great guitar player, but DANG IT….he’s really really good….I also didn’t know how well he could sing or write songs. There’s so many bangers on this record, but “Fade” is for sure my favourite!” — Cory Wong (Vulfpeck)

Ariel Posen is guitar’s man for all seasons – he’s got the songs and the voice but he’s also a stellar slide guitarist with a gutsy, expressively melodic style” — Jamie Dickson (Guitarist Magazine UK)

Posen is a rare breed of guitar player. He has managed to meld a keen sense of theory and half a centuries worth of influences into a unique style that is all his own.” — Michael Lux (

Individuality is the centerpiece of Ariel’s sound. His wizard-like slide chops and razor-sharp songwriting skills have helped him find a singular voice that continues to combine innovation and inspiration.”  — Jason Shadrick (Premier Guitar)

Ariel Posen is one of the most toneful and tasteful players to emerge in recent years – miss out on his new album at your peril!” — Chris Vinnicombe (The Guitar Magazine UK)


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