Happy New Year?

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Happy New Year?

I’ve been around a while but 2020 was the most difficult and controversial year, for me, ever. In musical journalism terms it’s almost been a total disaster. During this pandemic period coverage of live music has withered on the vine with little clue as to when live performances will recommence. Fortunately my TV channel of [...]

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My Best Albums for 2020

This is taken only from the recordings I have heard but there may be fantastic recordings which I haven’t received and cannot include here. With limited resources and time, it’s way easier to receive and review hard copy, in addition to hearing the record in its original hard copy form on good quality equipment. Steaming has never worked for [...]

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Is The USA Nightmare Over?

Many millions of citizens around the world have looked at what has been happening in the United States with a mix of puzzlement, disappointment, fear and horror. After all, the USA has in the past has been regarded as the seat of democracy, and the leader of the free world. To me it’s been like [...]

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On Barbra Streisand

On Barbra Streisand
Sleeve Notes for SIMPLY STREISAND Album (1967)
“Nobody is talented enough to get laughs, to bring tears, to sing with the depth of a fine cello or the lift of a climbing bird. Nobody, that is, except Barbra. She makes our musical world a much happier place than it was before.”
Richard Rogers
Sleeve Notes for [...]

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CHERNOBYL By Serhii Plokhy

Covid Read CHERNOBYL By Serhii Plokhy. Penguin 2018

With democracy under threat in many countries and authoritarian rule on the rise, my latest read was of prime relevance. CHERNOBYL, the book, is extraordinary in its detail of the event and exposure of the lack of openness of the Russian regime at the time (of course much [...]

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The State We’re In…

The UK is arguably in its worst condition since World War 2. Most of the current problems were caused by the previous and current Conservative governments who have suffered from inadequate and dishonest leadership, and many sub-standard senior ministers. In my long lifetime, I cannot remember a a worse ruling class. So I decided to [...]

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