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  What Have We Done?

  The Strokes Are Back!

  Within Temptation Single & Tour


  The Reads Return in Style

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  Clem Snide, An LP For Now

  Montreux Jazz Fest at Home!

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  Shelby Lynne New LP

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  Gill Landry Live in Chester

  Jeff Lynne’s ELO Tour Cancelled

  Noah Gundersen Live

  David Gilmour’s Interview

  Snow Patrol Live in Manchester

  New Model Army Live

  Shakespears Sister Live

  Lamb Live in Manchester

  The Struts Live

  Camden Rocks 2019 - Day 2

  Camden Rocks 2019 - Day 1

  Sting & Shaggy Live

  Blancmange & Bernholz Live

  Ana Popovic, Lynne Jackaman Live

  David Gray Live in Liverpool

  The Slow Readers Club Live

  Isreal Nash & Joana Serrat Live

  Karine Polwart Trio Live

  Spear Of Destiny Live

  Benjamin Folke Thomas Live

  Chilly Gonzales Live

  Gomez Live in Manchester

  John Lennon Interview

  Anna Burch Live

  My 100 Greatest Albums

  Ray LaMontagne Live

  Satriani’s G3 Live

  Stick In The Wheel Live

  Halo Maud, Baxter Dury Live

  Matthew Logan Vasquez Live

  The Barr Brothers Live

  Emily Barker Live in Manchester

  Katey Brooks New Single/Album

  Jim White Live in Manchester

  Tori Amos Live

  Bush & RavenEye Live

  Grandaddy Live

  Laura Marling Live

  Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes

  Martha Wainwright Live

  A Thousand Horses Live

  Rachael Yamagata Live

  Jimmy Eat World Live

  Beverley Knight Live

  Ludovico Einaudi Live

  Courtney Barnett Live

  Mercury Rev Live

  Roger Waters on Amused To Death

Lockdown Read 6

Excerpt From SOMETHING HAPPENED By Joseph Heller (1974)
I get the willies when I see closed doors. Even at work, where I am doing so well now, the sight of a closed door is sometimes enough to make me dread that something horrible is happening behind it, something that is going to affect me adversely; if [...]

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Lockdown Read 5

From The Chaper ‘My Father’
…I consider it indespensible to describe a certain procedure established between these two men who had lived normally to old age, and who had taken upon themselves the obligation of preparing me, an unconscious boy, for responsible life an deserve now, by their conscientious and [...]

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Lockdown Read 4

Excerpt from David Brown’s Book DREAM BROTHER. The Lives and Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley
After Jeff and Foti had left, Bowen went back to his business of preparing the house for the band’s arrival. The spare mattresses eventually arrived. After 8 P.M. he left for the airport, which was a half hour away. The [...]

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Lockdown Read 3

An excerpt from THE AUDACITY OF HOPE (2006) by Barack Obama
More than once in our history we’ve seen patriotism slide into jingoism, xenophobia, the stifling of dissent: we’ve seen faith calcify into self-righteousness, closed mindedness, and cruelty towards others. Even the impulse toward charity can drift into a stifling paternalism, an unwillingness to acknowledge the [...]

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What Have We Done?

“Boris Johnson has brushed aside a growing revolt of almost 100 of his own MPs and defied ongoing calls for Dominic Cummings to be sacked, despite a police investigation that failed to exonerate him for a potential breach of lockdown. The prime minister was again besieged by questions about his chief adviser as the crisis [...]

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Lockdown Read 2

Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) On Song-Writing and Creativity:
I just like writing songs. It’s a natural state to me. I like to believe most people’s natural state is to be creative. It definitely was when we were kids, when being spontaneously and joyfully creative was just our default setting. As we grow we learn to evaluate and [...]

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