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New Albums


Luke Sital-Singh A GOLDEN STATE. Raygun

About the single ‘Los Angeles’

Hannah’s (Luke’s wife) wanted to move to LA for years but I’m not much of an adventurer, I’m a worrier and a pessimist. But I do need something new. And writing the song crystallized my enthusiasm for moving here. It’s probably the most honest and open song on the album.” - Luke Sital-Singh

The opening notes of this album are as beautiful as you’ll hear all year. ‘Lover’ is superbly produced by Tommy McLaughlin (Villagers, Soak) so that Luke’s voice is crystal clear and is heard to convey his lyrics sincerely and honestly. It’s a glacially-paced song, performed simply with a minimum of instrumental and sonic enhancements. In short, it’s stunning. ‘Raise Well’ is a solid example of Luke’s empathy for a melody (which characterises all his work so far). The pace is faster, the rhythm stronger and the artist’s voice as expressive and passionate as ever.

‘Los Angeles’ drops the pace which occasionally speeds up a little. I’ve been lucky enough to witness Luke in live performance and what you hear on record is what you get live (which can also be very humourous). And that’s the attraction of this record and its masterful production: it sounds like a live performance right there in front of you in your listening room. Lyrics are typically simple and direct:¬† “Maybe in the sands of Los Angeles/ We’ll find a new of life, just stay close/ ‘Cause you’re so much more brave than me/ But I’ll be fine if we know what we’re looking for/ Do we know what we’re looking for?” However, I do not agree this should have been the first single as the opening album tracks offer more sonic drama and impact.

‘The Last Day’ meanders gently like a mountain stream with the occasional flurries of acoustic guitar. Luke’s lyrics are direct and intelligent while his delivery locks into the songs emotional feel perfectly. ‘I Do’ gives Luke the opportunity to exemplify his sweet falsetto which is used to heighten the emotional impact of this moving song. The wonderful lyrics say it all: “But I’d hold you close and you’d pray and pray/Whisper “everything is going to be okay”/ Our final kiss Would bring such bliss/ And feel just like our first/ On the last night of my life/ Think I’d rather be surprised/ Now every night/ When I close my eyes I hold your hand so tight.”

Sital-Singh is currently one of the UK’s finest singer/songwriters and probably its best¬† kept secret - one which should not last much longer on the strength of his music and voice. Every song here hits the emotional mark while offering a diverse range of pace and sound. The quality here makes this artist very special, and in this homogeneous, mediocre musical market, more than welcome. My highlight is very difficult to choose as there’s so much great music here but if pressed I would choose ‘Love Is Hard Enough Without The Winter’ which is a stunning heartbreaker of a song. This album is Essential.


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