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David Keenan’s New, Great LP



“These songs, dreams, seances, confessions, redemptive prayers. acts of rebellion, medicinal hopes, recorded source material. These are all that I was, all that I am and all that I’ll ever be. Suspended in space and memory, to thrive and amalgamate until they bare forgotten.”

“I tried to say all that I needed to say, unfiltered and devoid of timidity. As life gave life to words and melody, they too began to reciprocate and I watched as the characters in the songs began to create their own mythologies, embodying their own personalities, gifting love and abundance and providing arenas in which to vent, in which to float, free of judgement. For that is one of the innumerable savings of Art and the freedom it provides. With your truth, safe in the expression of that truth. Trusting it as your guide.”

“I altered as a being throughout the journey, naturally in the flow of it all. It allowed me to expel, to explore and to connect with a collective who I love and among whom I feel I belong. It challenged us all to be brave, to truly step into situations. It was a actalyst for change within and without, the dissipater of the veil.”

“The process of sculpting this album and it sculpting me, brought joys and euphorias and pains and sadness in equal measure. All of it was of importance! All of it was of worth, as all of it led to healing, reset and renewal. None of it would have held any merit for me if it hadn’t of had to be grafted for. I believe it because I was there and I witnessed it all unfold>”

“I hope it resonates with you in some way. The war is nearly done.”

David x


Just occasionaly, I receive an album from a label that is both highly selective and adventurous regarding its rosta. With just eight acts including Hozier and Rodrigo Y Gabriela, the label oozes quality and beauty from its base in Dublin, Ireland. My interest in the artist is immediately pricked and once again the label and artists deliver in truck loads.

Now with this album don’t expect a nice computer smoothed, clean and disinfected sound. No sir. Also don’t expect a voice that is pitch perfect and sound board manicured. No sir. I’ve included the above words from the artist to give you a clue to the nature and sound of this album. If you’re into singer/songwriters Keenan could so easily become one of your must-have artist records or downloads. The opening song adds meat to the wordy bones. ‘James Dean’ is Keenan almost talking to you with just a few flashes of wandering guitar notes to accompany. “It stabbed me in the chest like the pimp prudent’s knife into poor wandering Beckett under a mother of pearl sky.” “I had a dream that James Dean was alive and well today, looking for a quiet life, working for Irish rail …” Keenan proves immediately that he is a wordsmith and while melody is hidden deep in the song’s emotion and passion, the song hits a nerve and compels one to listen, love and wish for much more.

Next comes a major change in tempo and feel. ‘Unholy Ghosts’ opens with a strong rhythmic introduction to a collection of acoustic instruments and a melody as strong as they come. The vocal is dramatic and expressive, the vibe is personal and political. There is more convention here with verses and powerful choruses, and dare I say it a song that could so easily be played on radio stations with a policy of quality first. It’s an epic song with a strong narrative: “I was gifted a book by somebody who loved me about a man who got even with God.”

The next track, ‘Alter Wine’, illustrates how this record affers a diversity of sounds in delivering its messages. The opening is more ethereal before it slowly and gently opens out with a calmer Keenan vocal as stinging drums provide a rhythmic backdrop. Melody returns with a set of lyrics that echo truth and emotion: “I’m just like my mother, she sighed only she hides it better. I see colour in words, I’ll draw pictures for you.” The song moves like a force 5 hurricane.

‘Love In A Snug’ moves along at glacial pace again with just a single guitar in tow. Keenan is a talking pace as his story unfolds and before violin enters to add drama. Keenan’s voice rises a few octaves breaking the relative silence before falling back. The song and voice remind me of another Irish great, Glen Hansard.

‘Tin Pan Alley’ is introduced by gently swaying piano and reveals another melody that sticks like glue. Keenan’s voice and the song’s vibe take on a contemplative style but also reveals the singer’s wide vocal range. It’s another beautiful and totally moving song from an album that continues to deliver just as the artist promises. The pace and sounds throughout are diverse, the instrumental arrangements are magical with the strings adding a typically Irish drama and beauty. Every one of the record’s eleven songs hit the highest quality and emotive standards.  Keenan offers a distinctive style of performance and writing that is so welcome in a market which is so homogeneous and mediocre. This could well be our album of the year and to anyone who still believe that there is still great, meaningful music out there by little known artists, it’s essential.



Biography: https://www.davidkeenan.ie/about

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