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The Imbeciles Debut LP


The Imbeciles THE IMBECILES. Imbeciles

I grew up in South-East London,” Butch recalls, “going to school on the Ferrier estate, which was really frightening for a 7-year-old. It was incredibly violent in the early 70s, with the National Front, racism and stabbings. Music can be cathartic, expressing anger and frustration: the Bromley punk contingent were nearby, and I used their music and The Clash and Wire like medicine. I’ve since outgrown fear of that sort of violence. That has all influenced where the music has gone.” - Butch Dante (guitarist/lyricist)


We’re trying not to adhere to the conventional wisdom of what a band should be, and who should be in it,” Butch believes. “I default to heavy power chords, based around fierce rock riffs. Those riffs, a strong drum-beat and aggressive bass are all very commercially viable. We might then shift off into a hinterland of jazz-infused prog, but we bring it back. Because we want people to listen.” - Butch Dante

Watch Here:

Taken from their self-titled debut album, ‘One Hand Tommy’ is its latest single and proves no matter how strange our world seems right now, it could always be stranger…Shedding further light on Tommy, the song’s eponymous protagonist and star of the video; Butch Dante (the band’s rhythm guitarist), says: “Tommy is an almost mythical figure: An Everyman – or ‘Everychild.’ Vulnerable but brave, he represents innocence and hope in a desperate world.”

Collaborating with Shane Beam, their regular animation partner, this delectably unhinged meeting-of-minds conjures a two-minute sensory riot, in a video cloaked with enigmatic symbolism and allegory. While some may detect religious overtones to Tommy’s epic battle with the snake/serpent, other viewers may decipher a metaphor alluding to the systemic problems facing the world today (societal, technological, ecological, viral). The Imbeciles invite you to make your own mind up…

‘One Hand Tommy’ is the latest track to be released from The Imbeciles self-titled debut album. Comprising 13 songs which rarely last more than two minutes, the album was recorded on tape in eight deranged days on the Texan-Mexican border. Packed with stripped-down musical information and resonant with atmosphere, the album was hailed by CLASSIC ROCK as “Some kind of Apocalypse Now” (✭✭✭✭).



The Band: Al Dijon, Butch Dante, Calvin, Hal McNulty, Jads Watson, Kip Larson, Tony “Terk” Downing and Toth Fowler.

Opener ‘Panic’ initially sounds like a studio jamming session but as soon as the jagged, punk-style vocal appears you just know…It’s crazy, driven by crashing drums and guitars. And before you know it, it’s over having lasted less than two-minutes. ‘D.I.E.’ opens in more conventional, classic rock style before descending into a cathartic riff-led nightmare. I have tried to make out the lyrics but it’s impossible. ‘Stalking Boy’ races along like a train that has come off its lines and is about to crash into the station platform. Then suddenly it slows down to snail’s pace with drums gradually speeding up for another run at the station platform. I can imagine this played live in front of moshing fans - a show I am tempted to avoid for safety’s sake!

‘Ice Cream’ is a stuttered 1;39 minute thrash while ‘He’s A Writer’ is a rampant drum and guitar showdown with the odd lyric trying (unsuccessfully) to be heard above the din. Melody? What melody? Single ‘One Hand Tommy’ is next and is dominated by a relentless and thrashing mono-chord guitar riff that eventually fades out to a glacially-paced whisper. Vocal? What vocal? ‘Medecine’ actually reveals an audible vocal above the most jagged, deathly instrumental backdrop, and there’s even the hint of a melody - will wonders never cease?

The pace is diverse, the recording is of pretty basic quality, and it’s undecipherable. ‘Action/Motion’ reveals a slice of Tex-Mex, laced with heavy metal - you work it out! But it’s the pick of the bunch here by a country mile. ‘Depending On’ is like a slow-moving thrash metal juggernaut that reverts to punk halfway with guitar thrashing about in death-throws.

I’m struggling to understand this record except to feel that it’s an angry diatribe and very noisy. Live it’ll be a hoot, but one for those thus far unaffected by Covid-19 to perhaps avoid and STAY SAFE  (



Later in 2020, The Imbeciles will be returning to the UK for a string of live dates. With no choice but to postpone their planned Spring dates in light of the current pandemic, the band’s rescheduled tour will instead take place between 12-20 November. Details as follows.



12 – London, Shacklewell Arms
13 – Brighton, Green Door Store
14 – Leeds, Royal Park Cellars
15 – Birmingham, The Victoria
17 – Glasgow, Hug & Pint
18 – Tynemouth, Surf Cafe
19 – Manchester, The Talleyrand
20 – Bristol, The Lanes

Tickets on Sale now at: All tickets for the original shows remain valid.


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