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Is The USA Nightmare Over?


Many millions of citizens around the world have looked at what has been happening in the United States with a mix of puzzlement, disappointment, fear and horror. After all, the USA has in the past has been regarded as the seat of democracy, and the leader of the free world. To me it’s been like an accident happening in slow motion, with no means of stopping it. The change has been relentless, led by the country’s most corrupt, dishonest and incompetent leader.


While the latest Presidential Election has provided the seed for a change back to the country’s past world leadership, Trump still garnered over 70 million votes against the new President Elect’s 75 million. And his followers appear as fanatical and loyal as ever. With the potential for Trump’s fortunes to now appear as pure fantasy, with court proceedings on the horizon (now that he will be an ordinary citizen liable to prosecution), I’m guessing he will start his own political party which could be both popular and profitable. Hence the reason why senior Republican politicians have been supportive while others have stayed silent. Potentially, Trump could destroy the traditional Republican party…



Trump’s questionable relationship with Putin could pay dividends for him in terms of money and technical support. Other like-minded autocratic, anti-democratic leaders could also be sympathetic. But why has Trump elicited such support from Americans? One can point to his phony support for right-wing Christian leaders (and their followers), his support for gun ownership, his negative views on immigrants and other religions, and his support for white supremacist groups. But in practical and measurable terms he has not delivered on his overblown promises, and especially to those living in the iron belt of America where poverty and joblessness are still prevalent.


Trump’s total incompetence in dealing with the dreadful Covid pandemic has translated into the USA being the worst nation in the world for deaths and infections. But his plea to open up the economy (and ignoring environmental challenges) regardless has endeared him to those who have failed to grasp the danger of this pandemic and the damage it can do to patients, their relatives and friends. This alone could well have been a primary reason for Biden’s election and his rapid strategic planning to overcome it, before he is installed as President, is in rightful response to this.


Trump’s self-proclaimed friendship with North Korea’s leader also proved to be an empty vessel. Trump’s rhetoric has always proven to be misleading and dishonest - including his description of Biden’s political stance during the election (far-left and communist) which Trump’s followers have swallowed without any doubts.


So many questions remain despite the fact that President Trump has now been fired.

Here in the UK, Trump’s political supporters - Johnson and senior colleagues - have been wrong-footed. It is embarrassing to watch them struggle to come to terms with Biden’s election, and what they should do and say next. Biden’s support for the EU and Ireland poses serious challenges to a government that wants to renege on the EU Withdrawal Agreement and strike that vital trade deal with the USA. Effectively, Johnson is in the process of hammering the final nails into the UK’s economic and social coffin. The government’s handling of the Covid crisis has proven to be incompetent and largely ineffective with some of the highest infection and death rates (both understated) in Europe and the world.


In selecting Harris as hid running mate, Biden has effectively picked the country’s next President. While Biden is right for the times, his age will stop him seeking a second term. In my view Harris has the knowledge, experience and skill to become one of the USA’s finest leaders - an exciting prospect. But for now, with nationwide rallies planned to cement Trump’s supporters, the USA is still in very dangerous times. I hope and pray it all ends well, for America and the world.

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