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Discover David Ford


David Ford Singer/Songwriter


Well, the world’s getting heavy and it sticks to my feet

Well practiced in losing and brave in defeat

With no friends in this business you keep enemies sweet

And keep one in the chamber for every stranger you meet


Well, I’ll take pieces of silver for a head full of rhyme

I’ll take a headache and a casket for a life full of time

I’ll take a patch of New Mexico and I’ll call it mine

And I swear never to return to the scene of the crime


Well, the mob’s getting angry and the torches alight

‘Cause they’re putting up taxes by a penny tonight

And you can never taste freedom, boys, if you run from a fight

And when the heavens are falling take a step to the right


So we smoke ourselves skinny, we drink ourselves blind

Self-discovery knocks but there is nothing to find

And if you’re looking for victims would you keep me in mind?

Let us be kissed on the cheek, let us be fucked from behind


There’s no need to tread carefully, there’s no need for fear

Just talk in obscure non-specifics and try to look sincere

Every administration blames the one from last year

So when consequence calls there’ll be nobody here


So we sell our kids for a tankful of gas

And a lifetime in plastics for a fistful of cash

Let the rivers run dry, let the economy crash

And let the discotheques resound to the requiem mass


So we sell our kids for a tankful of gas

And a lifetime in plastics for a fistful of cash

Let the rivers run dry, let the economy crash

And let the discotheques resound to the requiem mass

By David Ford

Over many years it’s become clear that without radio airplay and general media support, even the most talented musicians can and do fail. But it’s also become clear that mediocre talent can succeed, big-time. Back when I used to cover Dublin’s Witnness Festival I discovered two exceptional talents that had yet to strike gold here in England. Their names are David Gray and Damien Rice. Both had delivered extraordinary albums that had failed to secure the necessary and justified radio and media coverage to succeed. Eventually, radio noticed them and their records flew, nationally and internationally. People had discovered and heard them for the first time.


How did I arrive at the Witness festival, an event not covered by the UK media? The link came through a sadly neglected Irish band called The Frames led by one singer/songwriter Glen Hansard. The guys suffered badly from minimum media coverage for excellent record after excellent record. While rare English shows were attended by a small group of avid followers, and the shows were very special, media stayed away. So frustrated did I become that myself and an associate offered to promote their latest album and in the process discovered that one BBC Radio presenter had received an album and never broke the seal on it…As a result the band received coverage including a live spot on BBC radio. But it took Hansard’s Oscar-winning movie song (to his highly acclaimed and successful budget movie) years later in 2006 before the press became more interested. If you’d like to check the band out start with DANCE THE DEVIL, a classic rock record.


In 1999 I received a record by Moby called PLAY. I was blown away by it and as a result went down to London to interview him in a little boutique hotel. While some journalists loved it UK radio ignored it for almost a year and when asked about it Moby shrugged his shoulders and informed me as he was packing that he was heading to Germany to perform in front of no less than 1 million music fans…Eventually, a couple of switched on advertisers used music from PLAY in their TV adverts and radio could no longer ignore the record which then became the UK’s top-selling record.


Radio alone can turn an artist’s career especially when it’s played in rotation after inclusion on BBC Radio’s playlists, and often it takes only a single song for the heavens to open up. This exposes music to fans hungry for something new and different.


I can’t remember exactly when I discovered David Ford. It could have been in a live support slot but whenever it was I was more than impressed and immediately acquired records. Ford became yet another under-exposed artist whose live and recorded music was nothing short of inspiring, and hugely entertaining. Again, his a singer/songwriter much respected by the better music journalists but has failed to receive the exposure he deserves on the airwaves. An appearance on BBC’s Later music show and radio airplay would expose an artist whom I judge to be one pour our best singer/songwriters. I cannot think of a more distinctive, passionate and skilled male artist who has made inroads into the USA market but not yet in a deserved scale on home territory. It’s criminal.


So, there follows some background information on David Ford and some record reviews from people who have purchased various releases. You can also visit his website to learn more and listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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